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Oud Oriental Body Deodorant

Oud Oriental Body Deodorant

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If you have already used our Oud Oriental Hand & Body Wash, Oud Oriental Body Lotion and Oud Oriental Soap bar then you probably do not need any further explanation about this product. You can go ahead and make the purchase. This product is icing on the cake for oriental fragrance lovers.

For new customers, note that this version of our fragrance range deserves a blind buy, as long as you love oriental type, rich, woody, beautiful and highly aromatic fragrances. This is a high quality fragrance that you can only expect from a product that is very well made. The buttery, creamy and slightly smoky aura of our oriental body spray will trap you in it's magic, this stuff is brilliant.

Take a chance, try it and you will know why people are loving us!

Product size is 200mL.

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