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Fast Acting Glucochews | Raspberry | 6 tubes of 10 chews

Fast Acting Glucochews | Raspberry | 6 tubes of 10 chews

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Glucochews contain 3.8 grams of fast-acting glucose in each serving to help give your body that much-needed boost. Each chew has a carbohydrate formula and contains dextrose and sucrose to help raise blood glucose levels. Glucochews can also help you get the most out of your workout and give you that extra energy to get up and get moving. Transportable and refillable packaging with 10 chews in a handy refillable tube, with air-tight and robust packaging to keep them from breaking. The durable packaging keeps your chews fresh and is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, car or gym bag. Our Glucochews are available in 3 yummy flavours - Lime, Orange and Raspberry, if you would like to try all 3 flavours we have createdÊa mixed pack where you will getÊall 3Êflavours to try out.Ê

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