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Digital Iced Coffee Maker w/ 10oz, Reusable Cup & Straw Included

Digital Iced Coffee Maker w/ 10oz, Reusable Cup & Straw Included

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Enjoy the ultimate iced coffee experience with our innovative Iced Coffee Maker. Savour the rich and intense flavour of your favourite coffee without the wait - it brews fresh iced coffee in under 4 minutes. Our unique brewing method ensures a concentrated and full-bodied taste that is poured over ice for a quick cool-down. The included reusable tumbler, featuring a handy straw, allows you to enjoy your iced coffee on the move. Simplify your coffee routine with the integrated measuring system and reusable coffee filter. Compact and lightweight, this coffee maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

  • Fresh iced coffee in under 4 minutes
  • Rich coffee flavour: The Iced Coffee Maker uses a concentrated coffee brewing method, which results in a more intense and flavourful coffee. The concentrated coffee is then poured over ice in the tumbler, providing a quick cool-down and delivering a refreshing iced coffee beverage.
  • Reusable tumbler: The iced coffee maker comes with a 650ml insulated reusable tumbler that features a straw, making it easy to drink on the go without having to remove the lid.
  • Integrated measuring system
  • Comes with reusable coffee filter


  • EESS Registration Number: E2023101340  
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Accessories: reusable tumbler, straw, reusable coffee filter
  • Measurements: 20 x 15.5 x 32cm
  • Weight: 1.05 kgs
  • Packaging: 25 x 18.5 x 35.5
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Inclusions:
    • 1x 650ml tumbler with lid and straw
    • 1x reusable coffee filter
    • 1x measuring scoop
    • 1x manual
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