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[6-PACK] Lion Japan Quick Wash 450mL Non-alcoholic 450ml

[6-PACK] Lion Japan Quick Wash 450mL Non-alcoholic 450ml

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"When you want to brush your teeth but you can't" when you want to brush your teeth but you can't.
No alcohol.
The medicinal component "dextranase enzyme" can dissolve and remove plaque, prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
Low stimulation non-alcohol type
Contains xylitol (natural sweetener).
Mint flavor

Use Method:
? take a suitable amount of 10ml in your mouth, rinse for about 20 seconds, and then discharge. No need to rinse with water after use.
[please note] ? in addition to brushing your teeth daily, please use this item.
Get regular dental checkups at a dental clinic.

Please note: * this is not an oral solution.
· do not apply directly to wounds around the mouth
Should there be an abnormality such as a rash, discontinue use, bring the item and consult a doctor
? do not leave in reach of young children.

Wetting agent... glycerin, PG.
Solubilizer... POE curing castor oil.
Fragrants (peppermint type), xylitol, saccharin Na
Conservation... sodium benzoate, parabens.
The stabilizer... dl-alanine.
Ph adjuvant... sodium citrate, citric acid
Medicinal ingredient, dextranase.
A thickener... carrageenan.

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