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[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Sewer Hair Filter Stickers 8 Pieces

[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Sewer Hair Filter Stickers 8 Pieces

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Two types of holes, large and small, firmly catch the hair in the center.
It catches hair to prevent clogging of pipes.
Adhesive type, easy to install.
When removing, the hair is discarded without touching it and is hygienic.
It can also be used for flat and concave drains*.
* Please refer to "Usable and Unusable Drainage Ports" in the usage instructions to see if it can be used.

Use Method:
(1) Wipe off water, scale, dirt, etc. around the drain port.
(2) Peel off the release paper and stick it on the drain.
(In the case of a concave type, please stick it firmly around the edge of the drain.)
(3) When the hair is collected, wrap the sheet and throw it away.

If there is moisture around the perforated plate or drain before pasting, the adhesion of the sheet will be weakened, so remove the moisture before using.
When the drainage is bad due to hair, it is time to replace it.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid fire, direct sunlight, moisture, and do not store in high temperature.
Depending on the usage conditions, drainage may be poor if the drain port is 7 cm or less.
Do not use for any other purpose.
*Because there is a recessed drain that cannot be used, read carefully the "usable drain and unusable drain" in the usage instructions.

polypropylene, polyethylene resin, acrylic resin

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