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[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Kitchen Garbage Deodorant For 60 Days

[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Kitchen Garbage Deodorant For 60 Days

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The deodorizing fragrance spreads from the fragrant film, firmly deodorizing the odors peculiar to trash cans (garbage odors and rotten odors).
Formulated with repellent ingredients to keep flies away from trash cans.
The refreshing scent of spice and mint spreads.

Use Method:
(1) Thoroughly wipe off any dirt, moisture or oil on the surface where the product will be applied.
(2) Strongly press the center of the container. Make sure the liquid has spread inside the bag. You can smell it as soon as you press it.
*Do not open the container.
*Do not cut the bag inside the container.
(3) Paste with adhesive tape.
*The deodorizing effect varies depending on the environment, but it usually lasts for about 60 days.

Beware of accidental ingestion
Beware of accidental ingestion by children and people with dementia.
Keep out of reach of children and people with dementia.
Do not use for any other purpose.
Do not use near fire.
Do not place in direct sunlight, hot and humid places, or near fire.
No fires
Class 2 Petroleum Dangerous Grade III Perfume 2.7mL

Flavors, thickeners, pigments, repellents

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