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[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Adult Dental Floss Holders 60 Holders

[6-PACK] KOBAYASHI Japan Adult Dental Floss Holders 60 Holders

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Thoroughly removes food debris and plaque between teeth Thoroughly removes plaque and food debris that accumulates between teeth and between teeth and gums. ��Six thin threads (special threads) arranged in a belt shape remove dirt between teeth. ��The uniquely shaped pick makes it easy to remove food particles that are difficult to remove, such as the back of teeth. Scrape off hard-to-cut 6-thread plaque!

Use Method:
(1) Slowly insert between teeth while moving back and forth. It may feel tight when you pass it through the part where the teeth are in contact, but be careful not to put it in too vigorously as it will damage the gums.
2. After inserting it until it touches the gums, move it up and down and left and right along each side of the tooth to remove plaque and food debris.
�� When pulling out from between the teeth, please pull it out while moving it back and forth slowly.
(4) Use a pick to remove any leftover food particles such as the back of the teeth.


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