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[6-PACK] Kao Japan Steam Warm Heat Patch 16 pieces Relieve Shoulder and Back Pain

[6-PACK] Kao Japan Steam Warm Heat Patch 16 pieces Relieve Shoulder and Back Pain

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Country of manufacture Japan

Main materials

Composition materials of sheets non-woven fabric on the skin side: polypropylene heating element: containing iron powder

Usage method

Remove the paper from the sheet and apply it directly to the skin.
Please read the label on the individual bag carefully before using it.



Please don't use the next one.
People with eczema or hives due to a high fever
A low temperature or sensitive to temperature
A person who is weak to stimulation such as rash, and a person who has experienced rash
A person who can't tear it off immediately according to his own will

Do not apply to the following areas.
Inflamed areas such as fever and swelling caused by bruises, sprains, etc.
Mucous membranes, face (around the eyes, etc.)
Cut, scratch, insect bite, etc.
Places with eczema, rash, etc.
The area where paste medicine and topical medicine are used
The back of the knee, etc., is prone to wrinkles on the seat
Ankles, ankles, etc., are easy to float the seat

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for the following persons.
A person who is being treated by a doctor
Diabetes, blood circulation disorders
Easy to temper
People with fever and inflammatory diseases
People who have allergic symptoms (rash, redness, itching, rash, etc.) with drugs and cosmetics
Pregnant women

In order to use it safely, please observe the following precautions.
* please note that children, people with disabilities, and people with dementia should be careful when using it.

Cautions to prevent low temperature burns
If you feel too hot, pain, disharmony and other physical abnormalities, stop using it immediately
Put on the adhesive part so that it does not wrinkle, and the sheet does not float or come off.

Precautions on use
Ezema, rash, redness, itching and other abnormalities continue to appear, then stop using, consult a doctor
When the skin warms up, the skin may temporarily turn red or feel itchy.
Do not microwave it
Because of the possibility of fire, be careful not to touch the electrical outlet of the individual packaging bag.

Precautions for storage
If the bag is damaged, it may not produce fever
Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, heat sources (heating appliances, etc.)


A medical device that is directly attached to the neck, shoulder, waist, stomach, etc., to warm the body. The comfortable heat of steam warms the affected area to the depths and promotes blood circulation. Relieves stiff shoulders and back pain. The comfortable temperature of about 40 degrees lasts for 5 to 8 hours. Soft steam. Clothes don't get wet. Thin sheets that don't resonate well with the outer layer. No fragrance, easy to use when going out. Apply to the stomach, can promote the activity of the stomach and stomach. Effect: thermal effect. General medical equipment

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