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[6-PACK] Kao Japan Liese Black Hair with Foam Hair Dye 108ml (11 Colors Available) French Beige

[6-PACK] Kao Japan Liese Black Hair with Foam Hair Dye 108ml (11 Colors Available) French Beige

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Country of manufacture�� Japan

Color with proposal (a combination of yellow and red, which are easy to get used to by the Japanese, and cold colors) color with the image of European countries name package with the image of European countries The thick, rich lather that is formed in the foam adheres to the roots so that both the roots and the ends will be dyed evenly and beautifully. A series inspired by European women's hair color. (quasi-drug)

Usage method��
How to use it
You can also watch the video.

When using, be sure to read the enclosed instruction manual carefully and use it correctly.
2 days before hair dye (48 hours before), every time must be skin allergy test (patch test).
If this product is too cold or too warm, it will foam hard to come out. Please leave at room temperature 20-30 ° c for 1 hour before mixing.

Add 1 liquid to 2 liquids and mix.

Push the bottle to release bubbles.

Apply plenty of foam to the whole dry hair and gently rub it with your fingers.

Leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off and finish with shampoo and the attached repair treatment (rinse type).

Precautions on use
Please read the instruction carefully and use it correctly.
Please don't use it for the next person.
Those who have experienced rash with hair color, not limited to this product
? those who have been in a bad mood during or after dyeing their hair
· people who feel abnormalities on their skin as a result of skin allergy test (patch test)
Patients who are in a state of hypersensitivity to the scalp or skin (during illness, recovery after illness, during menstruation, during pregnancy)
· people with swelling, injury or skin disease on the head, face or neck
? patients with previous diseases such as kidney disease or blood disease
Person with persistent symptoms of poor physical condition (slight fever, malaise, palpitations, shortness of breath, purpura, easy to bleed, difficult to stop bleeding such as menstruation, etc.)
Please do not let chemicals and hair washing liquid get into your eyes.
Do not use on eyebrows and eyelashes.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Attention! Please do not use it while bathing
This is not shampoo.

Be careful not to let bubbles (mixture) or rinse liquid get in your eyes.
Please note:
Do not use if you have itchy, rash or redness caused by your hair color.

Do not use on young children.
In order to prevent people with dementia from accidentally ingestion, please pay attention to the place where it is placed.
Please do not leave the mixture in the container. Gas may be produced and the container may burst or overflow, contaminating the surroundings.
Please pay attention to whether there is any abnormality on the skin before using. Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use.

· according to the color and brightness of the hair before use, hair quality, hair damage, room temperature, leave time, finish color is different.
Hair dyed black with hair color or hair manicure cannot be brightened with this product.
* when used on heavily bleached or damaged hair, the color of the finish may differ or the color may fall off earlier.

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